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The Freestyle Episode 5: The White Out

In this episode, I am joined by @Love_Gunn, @GetOffMyPlanet, and @Mr_Inkinsideme from the Podcast About Anything and The Inkinsideme show. We discuss Jell-o Wrestling, California Seagulls vs. Washington Seagulls, the worst place to go if you hate seafood, inauthentic Mexican food, Riding the white Bronco, The Tears of a Clown, Beyond Scared Straight, Tattoos Vs. Video Games, Kat Von D, The difference between men and women when we cry, the maid of honor at my wedding and hydraulics, why Rachel is wrong about Eddie Vedder, a girl named Flipper and a guy named T-Rex (They both had short arms.) DJ comes in for an intermission where we all make funny faces that you can't see, but they were great!, and many other things.

Please check out @Love_Gunn on twitter, and support her Jell-o Wrestling movie by donating here. You can learn more about Jell-o Wrestling in Seattle here.

Please check out @Getoffmyplanet and @Mr_Inkinsideme on the twitter, and listen to their show, Podcast About Anything on iTunes and Podomatic. You can also check out the Inkinsideme Show on Youtube.

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