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Episode 16: The Villain List

In the first half of this episode, I discuss books that I think are extremely good reads, and I briefly touch on the NFL lockout, and what the players are doing to get by. I also talk about the concert that I attended this past weekend, and the worst concert that I have ever been to.

Then I discuss the top ten villains in movies, comics and TV of all time. I also discuss the villains that were mentioned to me by Twitter followers and people from my Google Plus Circles. Thank you all for your input and help!

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It Ain’t About You – Kurupt

Circumstances – E-40 Ft The Luniz & Celly Cel

Crawling – Linkin Park

Mas Que Nada – Sergio Mendes

You Are In My System- The System

Muse -Uprising

Granny Say Kick Your Black Ass – N.W.H.

Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls

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