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#BlackPodcastWeek Day 3: The Funny and the Informed

As many of you know, I am a man of many hobbies. One of which, podcasting, is very dear to my heart. I've been podcasting for seven years now in different forms and fashions, and as I see a lot of my friends on Facebook discussing their musical ventures and adventures, I feel energized by the love that the general public is giving them. It is all well deserved, by the way, and they likely deserve 10 times more than what they are receiving. Just like podcasters.

This week is ‪#BlackPodcastWeek. It is a time where we are able to get more shows out to the public than you may be aware of. For each day, there is a different theme. Monday was Underrated podcasts, Tuesday was Black gamer/nerd & Storytelling podcasts, and today is Black News and Comedy Podcasts. I'd really appreciate it if these shows were shared among those who have listened to shows, those who like radio and are looking for something different, and those who just know me as a stand up dude who just wants to show love.

I know that far and away, the first type of podcast that people think of when they think about podcasts overall are either News based or Comedy. These two tend to go hand in hand because people need to be informed just as much as people need to laugh. People tend to want to laugh at the news, as well, so a host of comedic podcasts are also news podcasts. Therefore, if I mention a show today, just know that they are either funny, informative, or both. And I may mention shows that I have spoken of before, but that is simply because they fall into one of the two categories.

TWIB (This Week In Blackness, for the unitiated, hosted by Elon James White), The Americans United Again​ podcast, Ferguson Response Network, Father Teresa's Wine Cellar News​, Black Is Magazine​, The Pennymon Doctrine​, Political News and Views, Mr. Moody's Neighborhood feat. Tha' 50/50 Brotha's & Dj....​ , 20 Minutes Podcast​, Right To R.E.A.L Love with Jay Mayo​ and The Onyx Truth​ all bring hard hitting news from the perspective of young Black America. They pull no punches with their insights, but they will leave you with more knowledge regarding any situation they look into. Black Is Magazine is a group of friends and family who sit down and really investigate problems that confront not just Black America, but just the public as a whole. William​, bka Father Teresa, and Phoenix​, bka Pheenie Loco confronts issues with law enforcement, discrimination of both gender and race, Lgtbqia matters and issues and a host of other topics in a hard hitting, honest way that will simultaneously astound and amuse you. While his show may ruffle your feathers at some point, the information that he is conveying to you will either make you grow into a better person, or will make you tell the next person what you just heard, which will begin a discussion which will make you a better person.

Ricky​ and Cherelle​ host Americans United Again, which looks into the world of politics and government in a way that all ages will appreciate and understand. They are far and away my first choice for any political information, and I have yet to come away from an episode without learning something new. They are also very engaging and entertaining. A great listen overall.

John​ and Molly​ are two of the best people to work together on a podcast ever. They host The Pennymon Doctrine​, and while John gets fired up about EVERYTHING, he has a way of conveying information to you that has NO gray areas, which is what is needed. His honesty is in the forefront at all times, and you will be informed and entertained for the entire show. Molly is a truly wonderful co-host who is able to bring a calmer approach to the views and news that they are discussing, and is often able to bring the information to the masses in a way that leaves you looking for one more thought.

I'm not going to go into detail on the comedy podcasts, because they are legion. I swear, Black Podcasting has some of the best comedy around. Whether you are listening to The Ink​ or Where's My 40 Acres?​, you are going to end up in tears from laughing so hard. Therefore, I'm just going to say that you cannot go wrong with any of the shows that I am going to mention. The Black Guy Who Tips, FoGetDatYo, The Pisces Life​, Single Simulcast​, The Dr3am Team​, Off The Rails, The Shiznit Show​, Whiskey, Wine and Moonshine​, The Interracial Jawn Podcast, The Cold Slither Podcast Network​, Hey, You Know It, Stays Krunchy In Milk​, The In Deep Show​, The Blackanese Chick Podcast, The Read, What's the Tea, Chonilla​, The Combat Jack Show, Straight Outta Lo Cash​, My Truth: Straight Talk No Chaser​, The Evening Jones with Bomani Jones​, The Good and Terrible Show, The Ratchet Hatchet,, The Bad Advice Show, and Eclectik Relaxation​.

There are many more that I'm sure I missed, and I hope that you will post them in the comments below. As always, all of these shows can be found by looking them up on Google.

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