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DJ Burn One Presents K.L.U.B. Monsta: Separate But Sequel

A Review of Separate but Sequel - K.L.U.B. Monsta (Mixtape)

By Rashanii

 I guess I should have seen it coming from the initial spoken word that began the mixtape. Big Rube sets the table perfectly, speaking on the treasures and measure of a man. The love of family and friends, not money. How you impact the lives of people around you. Knowledge.

 This CD isn’t like many others that I had ever heard.

 Separate but Sequel is the highly anticipated mixtape from K.L.U.B. Monsta, hosted by DJ Burn One. Each song speaks of growth, from the brilliant opening song, Freedom, where they recount how music had saved them from their surroundings, against a beautiful backdrop of rising violins and Jasmine’s beautiful breathy alto gracing the chorus, to Playing to Our Strengths, where the blistering lyrics shatter any illusions of these gentlemen’s confidence in themselves. Destined is one of the purest songs I've ever heard. The honesty is staggering. Listen to the second verse. Then re-listen. And do it again.

 I’ve never written a record review, but at the same time, I think I’m the perfect vessel to talk about this record, because it is so much more than music. K.L.U.B. Monsta has a distinct connection with history, with the knowledge of self, and they want to share that with you, the listener by any means necessary.

 They rap about education, not bitches. About MLK, not drugs. I can listen to this CD and feel growth. Growth in me as well as in the group and the awesome thing is that it all seems so effortless.

 I don’t have too many Hip-Hop or Rap CD’s in my daily playlist. I know that there are 6 or 7 groups that I listen to monthly, 3 or 4 that I hear weekly and 1 that I check out daily.

 K.L.U.B. Monsta just reached the weekly section. This CD is that good, that diverse, and that necessary. It is a splendid sophomore effort that should be applauded and lauded by every one.

 Well done, gentlemen.

 I don't put ratings on reviews, but I will say this: If this CD wasn't free, I'd pay for it. Without hesitation. And I would guard it with my life to make sure no one stole it. That is some high praise.


Favorite tracks: Freedom, Playing to Our Strengths, Sam’s Street Child, Destined


 Follow the group on Twitter at @Klub_Monsta 


Check out their website and download the Mixtape here: 

Here is an alternate mirror site for downloads:

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