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In this episode, I talk Candy Crush addictions, rental cars, and look into the 50 Cent texting issue. I also delve into the Trayvon Martin case for a bit, and the stupidity that is surrounding it. Enjoy.

Lucy Pearl "You"

Sleepy Brown "I Can't Wait"

Jamiroquai "Seven Days in Sunny June"

Owusu & Hannibal "Delirium (Up Hygh Remix)

Martin Luther "Liquid Sunshine"

Beyonce "Crazy in Love"

Coultrain "Green"

Trijntje Oosterhuis "Be Mine"

Avant "Read Your Mind"

Sonnymoon "Flit Fleet Float"

Jim Jones "Certified Gangstas"

Eazy E "Boyz N the Hood"

Charlie Muscle "For You"

Rashanii "A Love Story"

Musiq "L is Gone"

The Roots "The Next Movement"

Digable Planets "Dial 7 (Axioms Of Creamy Spies)"

Hueston Independent Spit District "No More"

Reek Dogg tha Hogg "Still Toting"

Little Brother "When Everything is New"

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