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Episode 15: Naked With a Sandwich

For the first 47 minutes or so, the Host With All The Answers cedes the floor to his guests, Henry and Nicole from The Love and Learning Podcast(@KNOXbroadcast & @MzKn0x on Twitter) Mark and Chazz from The Prophecy Cast (@TheProphet209 & @TheRapGamer) and the beautiful Nisha (@Nisha_HoneyB) and they discuss podcasting and relationships, why get married and increased sexual benefits in marriage, among other things.

Then Rashanii comes back and we discuss Ranking of doctors, Quick routes to medical excellence, what chiropractors are good for, undercover doctors, unrealistic cartoons, gaming with your spouse, Half of Men would dump girlfriend if she got fat, Brother & Sister fight over bathroom, Grandma fights off naked intruder making sandwich, Breaking points in breaking in, Not using a bath towel in the shower, just soap, Planning board member charged with assaulting disabled man, Media bias, Mother puts baby in microwave, Arkansas school says no to black valedictorian. Email me, or call 206-338-6060. In regards to Stitcher Radio, you can find me here and favorite me on their app. Subscribe on iTunes and tell a friend.

Check out Mark at Geeks Gone Raw and The Prophet Gamer Cast.

Check out Chazz at Rap and The Prophecy Cast, and email him here.

Check out Henry & Nicole Knox at, email them here and listen to the Love and Learning podcast.


Mystikal - The Man Right Chea

Zero 7 - Home

The Foreign Exchange - Authenticity

Will Smith - You Saw My Blinker

The Four Tops - Reach Out (I'll Be There)

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