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Episode 159: Fornicating Under Consent of King Ulysses

In this episode, I am joined by Darryl Frierson (@Diggame) from the Straight Outta Locash podcast and Scarfinger (@Scarfinger) from The Dr3am Team and sometimes Scarcasm Live. We spend a while figuring out which show this is, and then we talk about Rashanii's new rap career, why Scar is a Nas hater, Not knowing lyrics, the origin of curse words, supporting bootleggers, NBA rappers and more. Enjoy.
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Straight Outta Locash -

Scarcasm Live -

Twitter: @SingleSimulcast, @StraightOLC @Diggame, @Scarfinger, @Rashanii, @TheDr3amTeam

Voicemail: 916-572-9016

Email: [email protected]


You Can't Stop the Reign (Remix) - Shaquille O'Neal
They Want EFX - Das EFX
Bumpin' Body (Yippie Yi Yo) - Public Announcement
Cupid - 112
Party Ain't A Party - Jamie Foxx ft 2 Chainz

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