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In this episode, I am joined by Michael (@MrWrightNow78) of the Somethin' N Common Podcast, @Scarfinger from Scarcasm Live and @WilliamJJack of Father Teresa's Wine Cellar, and we discuss believing in God, kids addicted to porn, a woman who slept with the Wu-Tang Clan, and more. Enjoy.

Twitter: @Scarfinger, @TheFatherTeresa, @MrWrightNow78, @SingleSimulcast, @Rashanii, @TheDr3amTeam, @SinandSolace

Shows:, http://www.blogtalkradio/father-teresas-wine-cellar, http://www.scarcasmlive

Voicemail: 916-572-9016

Email: [email protected]


Lifestyles - 3x Krazy
Faith - Scarface
Dopeman - NWA
Chillin' With My Broad - Big Hawk
Ear Drums Pop - Dilated Peoples
Whitey's Revenge - Everlast
Quitter - Eminem
900 Blame a Nigga - Luniz
Ya Life's on the Line - 50 Cent
SuperUgly - Jay-Z
Can't Have It - Brotha Lynch Hung

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