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Episode 182: The Evolution of a Fake Christian

In this episode, I discuss Mitt Romney vs Evander Holyfield, Bonding over Music, Lupus Awareness, Beating your children, Other People's Podcasts, Filming instead of Stopping Police Harassment, and a Duke Professor that blamed Baltimore riots on black names. I also apologize for my previous thoughts on minimum wage.

Thank you to @Evo_08 for his voicemail.

DeShawn's Podcast:
Video of police harrassing young ladies:
Duke Professor:

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I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson - The Fresh Prince
Brown Sugar (Fine) - Mos Def
Lacrimosa - Mozart
Lacrimosa - Tech N9ne
Point the Finga - 2Pac
Coast Trippin' - Killa Tay ft Set Shakur
Inner City Blues - Marvin Gaye
Speedom (WWC 2) Tech N9ne ft Kriss Kaliko & Eminem
YNO - Rae Sremmurd ft Big Sean

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