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Episode 19: Boonks!

In this episode, I discuss a myriad of topics, including the greatest movie basketball players of all time. I build my first team all movie basketball team, and leave a spot open to suggestion. I also discuss MC Hammer's stint as a preacher, a stepfather getting shot by his stepdaughter's father, and why the Stepfather was in the wrong, Books that I've been reading, and a death in the family, and the way it was conveyed to others. I discuss car accidents and stupid criminals, and talk about the weirdest Ms. America pageant that I ever saw.

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1-4 All All 4 -1 - East Coast Family


I Can't Hold It Back - K-Solo


Overnight Scenario - Rare Essence


Cult of Personality - Living Colour


Five Minutes of Funk - Whodini


Heartz of Men - 2pac


I Don't Like to Dream (About Getting Paid) - The Dogg Pound


Radio Freq - Dead Prez


Jam on It - Newcleus


So Sexy - Twista feat R. Kelly


Passing By - Zero 7



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