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Episode 191: Fight Music pt. 1 (ft @Sherasaurus @Clovasaurus @LonzoHarrisJr)

It was supposed to start off with a birthday wish to Go-Go, but when I called Sherley (@Sherasaurus) and Clove (@Clovasaurus), their line called me with a telemarketer on the line, and the show went downhill from there. Tony (@LonzoHarrisJr) joined in on the fun, and the show was already off the rails. Nearly no news was discussed in this two part episode, but we had a great time talking about peeing in the tub, losing your passwords, standing in line at the grocery store, porn stars, mistakes I made when I was 21 and 23, how Tom and Jerry talking ruined everything, the McWhopper, kids and email addresses, and more. Oh, and Sherley became enraged constantly.

Remember, there is a part 2. You are not ready.

Twitter: @Sherasaurus, @Clovasaurus, @LonzoHarrisJr @SingleSimulcast, @Rashanii, @TheDr3amTeam, @SinandSolace


Voicemail: 916-572-9016

Email: [email protected]


I Love You - Brandon Williams ft Anesha & Casey Benjamin
Baby Come To Me - Regina Belle
Daley - Alone Together
What Kind of Cool (QuestLove Remix) - Cody Chesnutt
Take A Message - Remy Shand
Full of Smoke - Christion
Pull Up To The Bumper - Patra
Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel
Love Again (Akinyele Back) - Run The Jewels (ft Gangsta Boo)

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