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Episode 191: Fight Music Pt. 2 (ft @Sherasaurus @Clovasaurus @LonzoHarrisJr)

So Tony (@LonzoHarrisJr) found Trapflix, and he introduced this wonder site to us. Sherley (@Sherasaurus) and Clove (@Clovasaurus) went searching for some obscure movie that you have no reason watching, but Clove wanted us all to suffer as he had, I guess. We discussed horrible rappers, and Sherley clearly hurt my feelings when she mutilated Will Smith's rapping career, but she was in a zone by that point. We started a charity for producers who have to put up with bad rappers, and Sherley and I discussed the disgusting way Nicki Minaj is being treated by the press and by the public.

This is part 2 of 2.

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Make Me Hot - Little Brother
What - Dubb Sak
Kreep - Chino XL
Over the Counter-Culture - Donnie
Ms. Dy-Na-Mi-Tee - Ms. Dynamite
Let Me Blow Ya Mind - Eve ft Gwen Stefani

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