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Episode 197: Family Business

In this day after Halloween episode, I discuss the likelihood of people putting Ecstasy into your children's candy bags, Shawn, Beyonce, and internet parenting, a parent who needs to stop asking the rest of the world to parent their child, how you know when a children's party is really an adult party, Caitlyn Jenner and the Women of the Year award, an award that the military sorely needs to give more of, the Bible, a tribute to Mac Dre and more. This episode was awesome. Trust me.

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Hogg Status - Reek Dawg Tha Hogg

Back 2 Back - Reek Dawg Tha Hogg ft K-Japp

The Meadows - Spytin' Blak ft Charlie Muscle & Reek Dawg Tha Hogg

Kali Mind State (Remix) - Reek Dawg Tha Hogg ft Young Cheeze

The Streets of Sac - Felonious ft Reek Dawg Tha Hogg

Trife Life - Felonious ft Spytin' Blak

91Sicko Intro - Reek Dawg Tha Hogg ft 91Sicko family

Not My Job - Mac Dre

Get Stupid - Mac Dre

Me Damac - Mac Dre

Feelin' Myself - Mac Dre

Too Hard for the Radio - Mac Dre

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