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Episode 20: Drowning in 5 Feet

In this episode, Nisha and I are joined by Jay from the Laidback4Lyfe Mixcast and Rod and Karen from The Black Guy Who Tips. Initially, I open conversation with a recount of a Dine and Dash, which leads to Rod, Karen and myself all commiserating about life as servers and faux-pas that you can do as a guest at a restaurant and as a server. We then discuss the last day of The Morning Jones before moving into the All Movie Football Team. Hit me on twitter (@rashanii) if you have any to add. We also discuss the best stalker songs of all time, and some other topics before we discuss the news. We talked about a man throwing his son off of a tour boat after trying to "fight" him, stupid criminals on Facebook and the Booty Warrior, and how shooting at the newspaper delivery person can get a weed house shut down.

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