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Episode 28: Addictions

In this episode, I am joined by @Scarfinger, @Adjective_J and @Deathselite, and we discuss a myriad of topics including the awesome power of Krispy Kreme donuts, why Krispy Kreme is just like crack, Surge soda and Rashanii's addiction to it, Moonwalker Arcade vs Moonwalker Console game, which is best, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson, TLC and Ms. Dash, Left Eye, Husband Secretly Fed His Wife Steroids , Facebook post draws lawmen to Tarrant man’s home, Facebook Unfriending Sparked Iowa Arson Attack, Cops Say.

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Natalie's Rap - Lonely Island

I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson - Will Smith

Roses - Mos Def feat Georgia Anne Muldrow

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