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Episode 31: You Can Clap

In this episode, I'm joined by CJ Starchild from All Subjects Everything and Classick Materia from The Cold Slither Podcast, and we discuss all manners of atrocities including a tale of two chicken legs at the local DMV, why CJ and Rashanii are leery of certain places in the DMV, why the D in DMV is incorrect, comedians strong arming applause from the audience, soda lust and seasonal addictions, the Professional, Natalie Portman, and why some women will never be grown in our eyes (Or at least not grown enough to be attracted to), Twitter thirst, Cement booties, toddlers and wine coolers, why PETA hates kids, why age is only a number, the worst love (simp) song ever and the worst SONG ever, period, getting stabbed over 2 dollars, the killer sequel to The Luther, idiot thieves on Facebook, and more.

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Young Girl- Gary Puckett and the Union Gap

Rock Co Kain Flow - De La Soul and MF Doom

Faith - Scarface

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