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In this episode, I am joined by Tyrone (@CarbonShadow004), Tameka (@Sophisticates_4) the always lovely Nisha (@Nisha_HoneyB), Sherry (@SherrysJoy) and the incomparable @Scarfinger as we try to get together to spend some time discussing Christmas. That goes wrong almost immediately, as the Grand Vizier of derailing sends the show flying off into the stratosphere. Our discussion included, but wasn't limited to: Vibrators that are controlled by making a telephone call, souse meat, pushing a joke to the border (line) of acceptable tastes, where P. Diddy (@IAmDiddy) stashes his forgotten artists, Scar's plans for any child who doesn't go to college, the Hip Hop Roundtable, horrible rhymes in songs that were never called out, what Dubstep is, junior high school fights, voice mail music fails, and many more things. Enjoy, and get your laugh on!

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University of Life - Will (@IWheelOfFortune)

Sardines - The Junkyard Band

Pieces of Me - Rare Essence

Overnight Scenario - Rare Essence






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