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Episode 37: I Quit This Bitch (Pt 2 of 2)

In this episode, I am joined by Tyrone (@CarbonShadow004), Tameka (@Sophisticates_4) the always lovely Nisha (@Nisha_HoneyB), Sherry (@SherrysJoy) and the incomparable @Scarfinger as we continue to try and get into the spirit of Christmas. Topics included, but definitely wasn't limited to Why Santa knows his role, Gumps, Why Scar's dad is awesome, Wack rapper names, Our favorite characters on the Wire, Slim Charles, The top four played out things of 2011, Nisha and Rashanii's song, Tebow saturation, Chitlins and other disgusting foods from around the US, Stereotypes against California by Virginians, Struggle Cooking for moms, Shugetti, The Legend of Nutso and fake apology notes, Leaving the scenes of crimes, Disney movies, More Tiny slander, Great Hood movies, the EnthusLife death count continues, the Single Simulcast Hip Hop Roundtable, and Devin tells a story that you will never forget. All this and More on Single Simulcast!

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Beat the P**sy Up - Love Rance

Merry Christmas Baby - Chuck Brown





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