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Episode 38: Strictly Representin’

In this, the first episode of 2012, I kick things off with a foray back into Prince's no butt jeans, music that I love to sing, and Usher's backup job in the 90's. I then touch on a myriad of topics. Really, I just went completely off script and started talking. I know that reviews of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Columbiana were involved, as well as why Zoe Saldana should be Catwoman instead of Anne Hathaway. In the last 30 minutes, I give shout-outs to everyone who I was truly able to interact with in podcasting and on Twitter, and I get serious in a discussion about Childish Gambino, being a follower, and what happens when your opinion doesn't mesh with other people on Twitter. I end out the show by discussing a situation that occurred between myself and Rod from The Black Guy Who Tips, and extend an olive branch.


Common Knowledge - Asher Roth

What Can I Do? (Remix) - Ice Cube

Linger - Cranberries

If Tha Mood - Esthero

Representin' 93 - 2Pac

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