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Episode 43: Sleepwalkers (Are You On?)

In this episode, I am joined by @Adjective_J, @SherrysJoy and @Scarfinger as we discuss all sorts of stuff including why little dogs can never stomp  with the big dogs, the rough world of Bad News, Michael Jackson's inscrutable singing, if cats land on their feet all the time, suicidal ruses set up by my brother, Super Bowl parties and Beyonce's pregnancy, horrible hookers at the point and much, much more. We also discuss news that was brought to my attention by @AngryBlkManDC about a woman who beat up her man because he caught a ride to work with someone else, Squatters, grenades, guns and a pig and a man who tried to kill his girlfriend's cat because it made him fail an online test. Please enjoy the hilarious topics!

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