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In this episodes Devin's Corner, Devin decides who is cooler, me or his mom. I also talk with him briefly about mean kids at his school. Then, in the main topic, I discuss racism and how it affects all of us. Please listen, and share this show with others.

The petition for Trayvon Martin is located here:

A special thanks to Oscar Pardue, @ShirleyHuangEsq (, @Adjective_J (, @ClassickMaterial ( @Ind1fference (, @GetOffMyPlanet (, @MrMoodysHood (, @Lasberry ( and @Sophisticates_4 ( for leaving voicemails. Your words were treasured parts of this episode.

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This Is My Country - Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions

Black Butterfly - Sounds of Blackness

Inner City Blues (Makes Me Wanna Holler) - Marvin Gaye

Sign O' The Times - Prince

Us - Ice Cube

Misrepresented People - Stevie Wonder


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