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Episode 51: Hotsteppers ft @Scarfinger @BlakGodzilla

In this episode, Rashanii does it till he kills it, Jay waxes poetic about releasing his kids, and Scar has too one too many Who Sampled epiphanies. Also, we talk about KOTOR, why we hated Call of Duty 2 and why Modern Warfare was too awesome to replicate, how TV ruins good movies, parties over, Karth, bad reggae and more. Voicemail: 757-752-8236
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @TheDr3amTeam, @Rashanii, @Adjective_J, @Scarfinger
Jay's Podcast: Scar's Website:
Scar's Music Break:
And I Love Her: Bobby Womack
Speed: Little Brother

Jay's Music Break:
Back Stabbers: The O'Jays
Woman's Gotta Have It: Bobby Womack

Rashanii's Music Break:
Here Comes the Hotstepper: Ini Kamoze
Gasolina: Daddy Yankee

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