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Episode 25: March 2 Justice (@LeslieMac)

In the 25th episode, I am joined by Leslie (@LeslieMac) of the Ferguson Response Network and Interracial Jawn Podcast, and we discuss how she became a part of the Ferguson Response Network and the recent March 2 Justice that she was a part of that marched 250 miles from Staten Island, NY to Washington DC.


Twitter: @LeslieMac, @InterracialJawn, @20MinutePod, @Rashanii

Email: [email protected]

Episode 42 Let Kenny Cook (Scoreboard, Bitch!)

On this episode, I am joined by John (@LiquorIsMyMuse) and Rivers (@SoulOfPimpC) from Nignorance, Brandon (@Kasino31) from 2 Brothas 2 Mics, and Sam (@ImOnAHorse) from Geeks With Color. We discuss all sorts of ignorance, including the embarrassment of a kid catching you and their mom in bed, Another Bad Creation, Why parents should NEVER take their kids to a casino, Why I had to punk my son Kenny's teacher, How Vince McMahon could be like a drug dealer, DMX, Counterfeit birthday restaurant coupons, giving up pussy to have your bills paid, Why crayons are worse than hot sauce, and more. Enjoy, and leave feedback!

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Sour Times - Marsha Ambrosius

Dumb Out - Joe Budden

The Coldest - Freddie Gibbs

Touch - Omarion

Playground - Another Bad Creation