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Episode 126: Support Ya Own! ft @Ashy3Classy @SexAndTheSister @Betahadji @KaiLovesU

In this episode, I am joined by members of the Black Astronaut podcast and The Ladies Launch, and we discuss a multitude of topics including flower dew, George Zimmerman, Stop and Frisk, a Man Impersonating a Cop, the Word of the Year, Mistaken Identities, Semen is an Antidepressant, Supporting Your Own, and much more. Enjoy.

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Sin and Solace Season 2 Episode 6: The Contract

Jeremiah “Sin” Sinclair is an assassin, employed by a company known only as “The Corporation.” Join him and his best friend, Trevor “Solace” Solento, as they complete a long journey...

Guest starring @Nisha_honeyB, @deathselite @zabari and @kailovesu.