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The Dr3am Team Episode 70: Kcuf Taht Aggin ft @Scarfinger @BlakGodzilla

In this episode, Scar makes fun of Andrew Harrison, Rashanii makes fun of porn posting professors and Jay makes fun of Oxford commas. All in all, another great episode. Enjoy.

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Music Break:

Scar's Break:
Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic - Isaac Hayes
Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos - Public Enemy

Jay's Break:
SuperNegroes - Pac Div
I'm Going In - Drake

Rashanii's Break:
These Walls - Kendrick Lamar
Institutionalized - Kendrick Lamar

Episode 94: #SSHHRT! (Pt 2 of 3)

In this episode, I am joined by @Child_Of_Favor, @TrojanScooter @LarryLankLank and @Evan_B as we discuss hip hop. What did you expect? We are the Avengers… the #SSHHRT!
I am also joined by @PhenomBlak and we discuss A$AP Rocky's debut album Long Live A$AP.

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