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Episode 246: Chickenhead Baseball (ft. @Sherasaurus & @Clovasaurus from @Chonilla)

In this episode, we discuss Shabba Ranks, a really pushy roach, spider watching, a woman after Rachel Dolezal's wanna be black heart, a woman who hates cold fries, 20 Inch Thangs, Analtech, Ben Carson and more. We also read chapter 6 of the Book of Lies. Enjoy.

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Fix - Blackstreet
Shabba Remix - A$AP Ferg
Free Your Mind - En Vogue
Thong Song - Sisqo
Groove Thang - Zhane
Need You Tonight - Inxs
She Drives Me Crazy - Fine Young Cannibals
Fantasy - Mariah Carey (ft ODB)
Pumps & A Bump - MC Hammer

Episode 191: Fight Music pt. 1 (ft @Sherasaurus @Clovasaurus @LonzoHarrisJr)

It was supposed to start off with a birthday wish to Go-Go, but when I called Sherley (@Sherasaurus) and Clove (@Clovasaurus), their line called me with a telemarketer on the line, and the show went downhill from there. Tony (@LonzoHarrisJr) joined in on the fun, and the show was already off the rails. Nearly no news was discussed in this two part episode, but we had a great time talking about peeing in the tub, losing your passwords, standing in line at the grocery store, porn stars, mistakes I made when I was 21 and 23, how Tom and Jerry talking ruined everything, the McWhopper, kids and email addresses, and more. Oh, and Sherley became enraged constantly.

Remember, there is a part 2. You are not ready.

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I Love You - Brandon Williams ft Anesha & Casey Benjamin
Baby Come To Me - Regina Belle
Daley - Alone Together
What Kind of Cool (QuestLove Remix) - Cody Chesnutt
Take A Message - Remy Shand
Full of Smoke - Christion
Pull Up To The Bumper - Patra
Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel
Love Again (Akinyele Back) - Run The Jewels (ft Gangsta Boo)

Episode 173: Glass before @$$

In this episode, I am joined by Leslie Mac from the Interracial Jawn and Ferguson Response Network Podcasts, and Sherley and Clove from the Chonilla network of podcasts, and we discuss being fat and Daily Burn, glass or ass, a enthusiastic response to 50 Shades of Grey, a woman stealing from babies, Lady Gaga's jigaboo music, Janet Hubert is a nut bag, Manny Pacquiao, king of the Phillipines, taking pictures of babies with guns, shaming your child with bad spelling, and more. Then we discuss Patricia Arquette's comments after the Oscars, and why feminism is not for black folks.

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Slow Down - Bobby Valentino
Hurt Me - Greighwolfe
Bouncin' Back - Mystikal
I'm the One - Average White Band
Doo Wop (That Thing) - Lauryn Hill
Cold Front - Laura Welsh
Those Were the Days - Aaliyah
Welcome to America - Lecrae

Episode 134: Do You Know Who the F*ck I AM? ft @Sherasaurus @Clovasaurus @Mr_Spann @BlakGodzilla

In this episode, I am joined by Clove and Sherley from Chonilla, Mr. Spann from the Spann Report, and Adjective J from The Dr3am Team. We discuss stings gone wrong, super happy meals, the lengths you will go to get out of debt, Chris Tucker vs Arreola, mistakes we made when the internet was new and more. This episode is awesome.

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Rico Suave - Gerardo

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