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Episode 235: Cole Slaw

In this episode, Shanta and Rashanii discuss Candace Wiggins, Chris Brown, Popeyes, Minimum Wage, The Hoteps Vs. Bevel, School Daze, Basketball and more. Enjoy.

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Episode 136: I Threw the Shoe Because of the Kazoo ft @LeftyBrown @AmberPodcast @Scarfinger

This episode was great. You'll agree. Watch.

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Episode 102: Spank-Shui ft @ShantaFabulous @Nacho2813 @ClassicMateria

In this episode, I am joined by Shanta (@ShantaFabulous) Nacho (@Nacho2813) and Classick (@ClassickMateria) and we WERE supposed to be discussing the 90's, but then Classick got onto this whole porn kick, and the show devolved from there. Don't worry, we still talk some 90's, though, and there is some great music to enjoy. I can promise you that there will be a follow up for this one.

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