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The Dr3am Team Episode 77: The Ombudsman

In this episode, Jay bemoans Seattle weather, Scar discovers his inner ombudsman, and Rashanii uses a new soundboard entry. Also, we discuss Above the Rim, Juice, Con Air, The Flash, The Walking Dead, stand up comedy, egg nog, Rashanii's responsibilities and more. Enjoy. Tell a friend. #DreamTeamBack

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Music Break:

Rashanii's Break:
Girls Love Rihanna (Remix) - Jacquees
Here - Alessia Cara

Scar's Break:
Trip to Your Heart - Sly & the Family Stone
Mama Said Knock You Out - LL Cool J

Jay's Break:
Cocoa Butter Kisses - Chance the Rapper
Rigamortis - Kendrick Lamar

Episode 194: Hey, What’s Up, Hello

In this episode, I am joined by @Scarfinger, and we discuss Fetty Wap, Brand names, Things to not say during sex, video games, Bringing a knife to a football game, The lunar eclipse, and more. Enjoy.

Twitter: @Scarfinger, @SingleSimulcast, @Rashanii, @TheDr3amTeam, @SinandSolace

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Trap Queen/My Way - Norfolk State Band
Brand New - Pharrell Williams ft Justin Timberlake
Makes Me Wonder - Maroon 5
Gettin' Mo' Money Than You - T.L. Williams
Poem Pathetic - Foxy Shazam
Dirty Peaches - 88 Keys ft J. Davey
Four Walls and a Garden - Shanaz Dorsett
Mob Life - Killa Tay
A Nigga Gots No Heart - Spice 1
Streiht Up Menace - MC Eiht