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Episode 169: Rashanii Goes Dumb! Vol. 1

In this episode, I talk about expensive ass college books, Baltimore's Thug Factor, Dating in Elementary School, Getting charged for missing a preschooler's party, nursing home fights and more. Then I give you a few tracks off my new mixtape, Rashanii Goes Dumb vol 1. Ft. Phat Man Wilde. Enjoy!

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Wonderful - Ja Rule ft R. Kelly & Ashanti
G.O.M.D - J Cole
1 Thing - Amerie
Bring it All to Me - Blaque
Every Block - Rapper Big Pooh ft Phonte
Busy Now - Black Cobain ft Wale
Addictive - Truth Hurts ft Rakim
You Can't Stop the Reign (Remix) - Shaquille O'Neal
Barry Bonds - Kanye West ft Lil' Wayne

Episode 139: Situationships ft @_MissBre @AmberPodcast

In this episode, I am joined by Amber and Miss Bre, and we discuss Drake, racism, and animals. Amber also brought a list of questions following the Side Piece Seminar (137), and Bre and I do our best to answer all of her questions. Enjoy the show.

Twitter: @AmberPodcast, @_MissBre, @Rashanii, @RichNice2k1, @SingleSimulcast


Voicemail: 916-572-9016

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Memories Live - Talib Kweli

Nowhere To Go - The Freshmen

Take Care - Janet Jackson

Simple Things - Zero 7

PSA - Charlie Muscle

Situationships - Fabolous

Episode 33: Hip Hop Roundtable (East Coast 1979-1990)

This Single Simulcast Hip Hop Roundtable was for the Golden Age of East Coast Hip Hop. And if we are talking Golden Age, who better to have guest in the Roundtable than Hip Hop historian Wall$treet Will Strickland (@ABDBMedia) from All Balls Don't Bounce.  I am also joined by@Child_of_Favor,  @E_MsHoliday_P, @Bokeen, @Delphrano and @LarryLankLank  as we compile the greatest Golden Age rapper on the East Coast. We each state our top five rappers in the East Coast from 1979-1990, and then we decide as a group who the top 5 rappers are from those lists.

What is your top five? Did we leave someone out? Let us know! Tell us on twitter with #SSHHRT or leave a voicemail!

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