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Episode 112: Two Weeks Later

In this episode, I discuss Trayvon, racism, white privilege, baby momma drama, bringing an umbrella to a gun fight, and more. Enjoy.


Hold On Change is Coming - Sounds of Blackness

Real Thinkers - Ab Soul

I Don't Like to Dream About Getting Paid - Tha Dogg Pound

I Wonder if Heaven Got a Ghetto - 2Pac

Zoom - E-40

Welcome to the Ghetto - Spice 1

Renee - The Lost Boyz

Something About That Woman - Lakeside

Peaceful Journey - Heavy D

Is It Good to You - Tammy Luca ft Teddy Riley

Wishing Well - Terrence Trent D'Arby

Trippin - Total

Rise - Martin Luther

Episode 30: Hip Hop Roundtable (West Coast)

In this episode,  I am joined by @Evan_B, @Delphrano, @RichNice2k1, @LarryLankLank @Bokeen and @TrojanScooter as we continue in our pursuit to establish who the greatest rapper on the West Coast is. We each state our top five rappers in the West, and then we decide as a group who the top 5 rappers are from those lists. We also pay homage to one of the preeminent hooksman of all time.

Then we are joined by @MizChartreuse from Consumption Junction, and we discuss how far a man was willing to go in the name of love.

What is your top five? Did we leave someone out? Let us know! Tell us on twitter with #SSWest or leave a voicemail!

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And because I know you love it, here is @Evan_B's excellent blog post regarding the magnificence that is Ice Cube's Death Certificate: