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Episode 127: The Airing of Grievances

In this episode, I discuss being a true food racist, the Knockout Game, A girl who may be expelled for her afro, the Misappropriation of the word Hater, and more. Enjoy.


I'm Bout It Bout It - TRU
A Love Bizarre - Sheila E
I'm The One - Average White Band
Never Had A Friend Like Me - Tupac
Everything Remains Raw - Busta Rhymes
Inner Child - Charlie Muscle
Ask Yo Mama - U.T.F.O.
Girlfriend - Pebbles
Rock With You - D'Influence feat P. Diddy
If You Think I'm Jiggy - The Lox
Believe - Ayah
Crush - Zhane
Computer Love - Zapp & Roger
You Send Me Swingin' - Mint Condition
Anywayz - Esthero
Where I Wanna Be - Donnell Jones

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Episode 35: Hip Hop Roundtable (The One)

This Single Simulcast Hip Hop Roundtable was to decide the greatest rapper from all 5 previous Roundtables (West, Midwest, South, East Coast and Golden Age East Coast).  I am joined by@Child_of_Favor,  @E_MsHoliday_P, @RichNice2k1, @Evan_B, @TrojanScooter, @Delphrano, @Bokeen and @LarryLankLank  and there is no preamble. We dive directly into who we think is number 1. No lists. No production. Just 1 man, and an epic discussion.

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