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Episode 94: Blaze of Glory (No Hooks)

In this episode, Rashanii talks about cheating computers, Scar and Rashanii talk NBA 2k17, we discuss the first week of The Dr3am League and Jay and the fellas get serious. Also, other stuff. #Dr3amTeamBack

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Keep on Truckin - Eddie Kendricks
Lights, Camera, Action - Mr. Cheeks
Black Fist - David Banner ft Tito Lo
We Will Not - T.I.
Don't Play - Travi$ Scott ft Big Sean & The 1975
Violent - Tupac

The Dr3am Team Episode 93: A Broken Man

In this episode, Rashanii discusses the excellent memories of black people, J discusses the greatest cartoon ever, and Scar talks hip-hop. Also, broken packages, fantasy football, bugs in your food and more. Enjoy.

Voicemail: 757-752-8236

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @TheDr3amTeam, @Rashanii, @Adjective_J @Scarfinger

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Music Breaks:
Rashanii's Break:
Highs & Lows - Mayday!
Tootsee Roll Remix - 69 Boyz

Scar's Break:
Who Can I Run To - Xscape
Might Be - DJ Luke Nasty

J's Break:
Beats to the Rhyme - Money Making Jam Boys
Sucka MCs - Kidz in the Hall

The Dr3am Team Episode 86: Swab Up!

In this episode, Jay and Rashanii talk about ducking church, the natural foliage, Q-tips vs. Swabs, the Flash and Superheroes in general, Chris Rock and the Oscars, and more. Scar wasn't there.


Voicemail: 757-752-8236

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @TheDr3amTeam, @Rashanii, @Adjective_J @Scarfinger

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Music Breaks:

Jay's Break:

Heist - X Ambassadors
All I Do - Logic

Rashanii's Break:

Black Hole Sun - The Jazzifiers
Get Yo Ass Kicked - Perkzilla

The Dr3am Team Episode 32: Pedal Files ft @Scarfinger @BlakGodzilla

Welcome to The Dr3am Team, the greatest collection of podcasters you know. Ton of topics per usual, so sit down, grab a drink, and enjoy! Leave a voicemail for the show at 757-752-8236. Leave an email at [email protected] Follow The Dr3am Team on twitter at Follow Scarfinger on twitter at Follow Adjective J on twitter at Follow Rashanii on twitter at

Episode 115: Can’t Even Point No Mo’

In this episode, I tackle the insane new rules in football, the reason why baseball USED to be acceptable, maybe even watchable, an idiot who just wants more time, a man who beat his meat on his wife's ribs, and more. Enjoy.


Ain't Nobody - Rufus & Chaka Khan

Case of the Ex - Mya

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems - Notorious B.I.G ft Puff Daddy & Ma$e

Tootsie Roll (Remix) - 69 Boyz & 95 South

I Smell Smoke - Mystikal

Break Up - Mario ft Gucci Mane

If You Want To - Dwele

Party - Beyonce ft Andre 3000

Can You Stand The Rain - New Edition

I Can't Wait (Another Minute) - Loose Ends

Misdemeanor - Foster Sylvers

Run The Game - R.A.N.S.O.M.

From Sacramento - Charlie Muscle

Spend it All - Kmac ft MKY & Jay Delaine

Mr. Nice Watch - J. Cole ft Jay-Z

Go Go Gadget Gospel - Gnarls Barkley

If I Die Tonight - 2Pac

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Episode 88: The Rules and Regulations

In this episode, I discuss the omission of Barry Bonds from the Hall of Fame, and about the Rules and Regulations of being a sports fan. There's other stuff too. Enjoy.

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Episode 71: Nemesis

In this episode, I am joined by Classick Materia, my mortal nemesis. We get along for two hours of discussion, and we talk about comics, comic movies, food, politics, football and other stuff. There is also a quick appearance by DJ and Missed Connections, Meet an Inmate and Funny Reviews!

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