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Episode 97: Heartz of Men ft @MeefJ @AnthonyAlex @Lasberry @TerrenceBrown56

In this episode, I am joined by @MeefJ, @AnthonyAlex, @Lasberry and @TerrenceBrown56, and while we initially discuss horrible food choices, cheating video games and our favorite video game basketball games, the show turns to morality and ethics, as I pepper my guests with some of the hardest questions they have ever had to answer. Please check it out and enjoy.

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Sin and Solace Season 2, Episode 5: The Knightspur ft @LeftyBrown @Zabari

Jeremiah “Sin” Sinclair is an assassin, employed by a company known only as “The Corporation.” Join him and his best friend, Trevor “Solace” Solento, as they approach new heights...
Guest starring @LeftyBrown, @Nisha_honeyB and @zabari.