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Episode 230: Revisionist MLK

In this episode, Shanta and Rashanii are joined by Tameka and Tyrone, and we discuss the impending dumb that is Trump, Mike Tyson's diss song, teaching kids to do new things, birthdays, Steve Harvey's apology, a letter to MLK Jr, Flint's continuing water crisis, bad laws being presented by Republicans, Rob Schneider disrespecting John Lewis and more. Enjoy.

All songs from this episode were discovered on Charles Adiukwu Jr's Spotivibe playlist for Spotify.

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Marijuana - Chrome Sparks
Twirl Me - Wildlight ft The Polish Ambassador & Alya Nereo
Memory - Tom Misch
Location - Khalid
First Fires - Bonobo ft Grey Reverend
Clap Your Hands - Whilk & Misky