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The Dr3am Team Episode 82: Count Em!

In this episode, Jay and Scar wax poetic about Jessica Jones, Scar kinda sorta confesses to being a sports fan, Rashanii riffs off of Jay and Scar, and they all talk about the jackasses of pickup basketball. Also, we check out Kendrick Lamar's Black Friday, J. Cole's Black Friday, and the greatest interlude of all time.


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Music Breaks:

Scar's Break:

There's Nothing in This World That Can Stop Me From Loving You - Tom Brock

Girls Girls Girls - Jay-Z

Jay's Break:

American Terrorist pt 2: Lupe Fiasco
B.O.B. - Outkast

Rashanii's Break:

Final Guitar Solo - Steve Vai
For the Love of God - Steve Vai

Halo 2 Theme - Steve Vai

Episode 119: Umbrage ft @MrsLeftyBrown @LeftyBrown @CandiceHatesYou

In this episode, I am joined by Chris and Kelly (@LeftyBrown & @MrsLeftyBrown) from The Married Gamers Podcast (@TheMarriedGamers) and Nisha (@Nisha_HoneyB). We discuss a plethora of issues, including pushing the boundaries of tastefulness in video games. Enjoy.

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Janelle Monae ft Prince - Given Em What They Love
Erykah Badu - My Life
Stevie Wonder - Skeletons
Luther Vandross - Never Too Much
Midnight Star - Curious
Fantasia - Without Me
Method Man - The Riddler
Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi ft Norah Jones - Black
Maxwell - Ascension
Cee Lo Green - Bright Lights Bigger City