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Episode 189: Ma$e Is The Voice of Black NPR (ft @EmergeCity & @ShanePaulNeil)

In this episode, I am joined by Anthony from Fogetdatyo Podcast and Shane, who is a prolific writer whom you have heard onTWiB Prime and Sportsball, and we discuss Bree Newsome Taking Down the Confederate Flag, The Summer of Love and #TheSummerofNoFks, New Show Ideas, #NotAllWhiteCooking, New Supermarket Deals, Diddy's Son, Noisy Neighbors, Joining ISIS for the Wrong Reasons, A Shitty Way to go to Jail, Discipline, Ma$e vs. Jim Jones and Cam'Ron and more. Enjoy.

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Mo' Money, Mo Problems - Notorious B.I.G. ft Ma$e and Puff Daddy
What it Takes - N'Dambi
Free Your Dreams - Snarky Puppy ft Chantae Cann
My Life - Mary J. Blige
Sophisticated Sista - Liv Warfield
PSA - Charlie Muscle
Living With Art - Charlie Muscle

Episode 178: The Re-Definition of Civil Rights ft. @AUAdotorg

In this episode, I discuss gay marriage, overgeneralizations, all cops being bad cops, ISIS and more. I also spend some time talking about bullying, and I get a chance to hang out with the members of the AUA podcast. Enjoy.

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Twitter: @SingleSimulcast, @Rashanii, @TheDr3amTeam, @SinandSolace
Voicemail: 916-572-9016

Email: [email protected]


Hood Politics - Kendrick Lamar
Video Girl - FKA Twigs
Tempest - SOHN
YMCA - The Village People
How Does It Feel - Pharrell
Get Good (Infinitefreefall Remix) - St. South
Who Protects Us From You - Boogie Down Productions
Going Back To Cali - LL Cool J
Slip - Elliot Moss
Mortal Man - Kendrick Lamar