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Episode 176: Variant Issues ft @RodimusPrime

In this episode, I am joined by @RodimusPrime from The Black Guy Who Tips podcast, and we discuss Basketball, the Variant Joker cover and Comic books, a Street Fight that may have been staged, a horrible relationship, and more. Enjoy.

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New And Improved Joker Products!

I admit, I have issues. A lot of them. One of which is that I find the Joker to be absolutely hilarious. Sometimes, I sit and wonder if that admission makes me insane, but then I remember that only sane people worry about their sanity, so I tell myself to shut the fuck up.

Then I cry for being rude.

The Joker always seemed to be the life of the party, and that has always intrigued me. From the very first time that I saw him in the 60's Batman series, he always wanted to make his job fun. And who doesn't want to do that? Seriously, if I were able to play Partyman by Prince at top volume while I did my day to day job, production would probably DROP by 52 percent, but dammit, I'm having fun. And that's what matters right now. Tomorrow, we may focus on you, but right now, it is me time. It's my way till payday! (Shout-out to 30 Rock.)

But the thing about the Joker that always brought joy to my life was the way that he was portrayed in the 1989 version of Batman. When you take a director like Tim Burton, who is already four steps to the left, and give him the job of creating a version of the Joker, boy, let me tell you. You are bound to see some great stuff, and one of the things he brought to the table was New And Improved Joker Products.

For those of you who don't remember, the Joker was basically merking people with poison that would turn you pale and make you smile as widely as he did. No one could figure out how the poison was created, and so people were in an absolute panic. How did the Joker go about poisoning people? Easy. He told them about it in a commercial, and let them know that the poison ingredients were already in their house. Because really, what fun is killing people if you can't tell them about how you are doing it in a commercial.

Now, I know that he cut into another person's air space to broadcast this commercial, but if this is how he gets down, I'm okay with that. The Joker struck me as a man who just wanted to see everyone happy. As he put it, "If you gotta go, go with a smile!"

I'm not trying to poison people here, although I would like to infect your mind using the power of my insanity, so whenever I have a brand new blog post on here, or a new episode, on Twitter, it will say New and Improved Joker Products, then the link.

I just wanted to give you a background into why it says that, so you ain't confused.

Okay? Okay. Gimme a Whoa Bundy! No? Okay.

UPDATE: Okay, so it won't let me do that. Sorry officer, I didn't know I couldn't do that. Oh well. I needed to forge my own road anyway. Just know that the Joker will always be here... In Spirit.

Episode 16: The Villain List

In the first half of this episode, I discuss books that I think are extremely good reads, and I briefly touch on the NFL lockout, and what the players are doing to get by. I also talk about the concert that I attended this past weekend, and the worst concert that I have ever been to.

Then I discuss the top ten villains in movies, comics and TV of all time. I also discuss the villains that were mentioned to me by Twitter followers and people from my Google Plus Circles. Thank you all for your input and help!

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