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Episode 136: I Threw the Shoe Because of the Kazoo ft @LeftyBrown @AmberPodcast @Scarfinger

This episode was great. You'll agree. Watch.

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Ya Mama's On Crack Rock - The Dogs

M.O.N.E.Y. - Jay Rock

Empathy - Ab-Soul

Die Without You - Childish Gambino

White Horse - Laid Back

Let's Dance - David Bowie

Funky Watusi - The Puppies

Sin and Solace Season 2, Episode 5: The Knightspur ft @LeftyBrown @Zabari

Jeremiah “Sin” Sinclair is an assassin, employed by a company known only as “The Corporation.” Join him and his best friend, Trevor “Solace” Solento, as they approach new heights...
Guest starring @LeftyBrown, @Nisha_honeyB and @zabari.