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The Dr3am Team Episode 73: On The Cool

In this episode, Tyrone is advised about a possible second job, the Twinz (Montoyis & Scarfinger) work on a secret handshake and gang up on Rashanii, and Rashanii gets rid of frogs. We also discuss old beefs past. Also, some voicemails. Enjoy.

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Twitter: @TheDr3amTeam, @Rashanii, @MontoyisK @Zero0Four, @BlakGodzilla @Scarfinger
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Music Break:

Tyrone's Break:
Kill Switch - Sir Michael
Mo Better Cool - Big K.R.I.T.

Montoyis' Break:
Do What You Wanna Do - Devin the Dude
I Found Me - Z Ro

Scar's Break:
Trial Time - The Last Mr. Bigg
Hoe Check - The Last Mr. Bigg

Episode 108: Magna Carter ft @_MissBre @MontoyisK

In this episode, I am joined by Montoyis (@MontoyisK) and Bre (@_MissBre) and we talk about strange, Jay-Z's son, being sleep, Lil Wayne dancing on the flag, and other stuff. Enjoy!

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Episode 78: WELL!

In this episode, I am joined by Kevo and Montoyis from the BeatinDaBlock podcast. We discuss janky prayers, halloween, scary stories, and scary movies. And other stuff. There's also the usual Missed Connection, Funny News and Devin's Corner. Check it out!

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