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Episode 22: Freemasons (@Mr_Spann)

In the 22nd episode of 20 Minutes, I am joined by Mr. Spann and we discuss the Freemason brotherhood, how he joined it, and the misconceptions of the group.

Mr. Spann's podcast, The Spann Report, can be found on Stitcher, iTunes and at

Twitter: @Mr_Spann @20MinutePod, @Rashanii, @SingleSimulcast, @TheDr3amTeam

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Episode 147: Landing the Plane ft @WakandasFinest @Mr_Spann

In this episode, I am joined by Howard from the Awkblerd Podcast Network and Mr. Spann of The Spann Report podcast, and we discuss Elliot Rodger, Isiah Thomas, Flight Plans, Karl Malone, Teen in Utah gets pleaneged, Momma drama, and more. Enjoy.

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Twitter: @WakandasFinest, @Mr_Spann, @Rashanii, @SingleSimulcast, @TheDr3amTeam

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I Went From - Brotha Lynch Hung
I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You) - John Mayer
A Long Walk - Jill Scott
The Listening - Little Brother
Groove Me - Guy

Episode 134: Do You Know Who the F*ck I AM? ft @Sherasaurus @Clovasaurus @Mr_Spann @BlakGodzilla

In this episode, I am joined by Clove and Sherley from Chonilla, Mr. Spann from the Spann Report, and Adjective J from The Dr3am Team. We discuss stings gone wrong, super happy meals, the lengths you will go to get out of debt, Chris Tucker vs Arreola, mistakes we made when the internet was new and more. This episode is awesome.

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Twitter: @Sherasaurus, @Clovasaurus, @Mr_Spann, @Adjective_J, @Chonilla, @SingleSimulcast, @Rashanii

Email: [email protected]

Voicemail: 916-572-9016

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Rico Suave - Gerardo

Complete - Vivian Green

Lifestyles of the Poor & Hopeless - Felonious