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Episode 210: We Are Kanye

In this episode, I am joined by Shanta (@ShantaFabulous) and Jay (@AdjectiveJ) and we talk about just how much lipstick it would take to bury Jay, Steven Universe, kicking out of being drunk, Nelly, online contests, idea stealing, only having one headphone because the other one broke, how to tell the ethnicity of biblical figures, Samuel L Jackson's real role in Jurassic Park, horrible song lyrics and more. Enjoy.

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Starchild - Jamiroquai
Anxiety Raps - Ziggy Starfish
Outlaw - 2Pac
Panda - Desiigner
Pimp Juice - Nelly
Funkytown - Lipps Inc
Ring My Bell - Anita Ward

Episode 117: Hoes and Prose

In this episode, I discuss Facebook Hoes, A-Rod's next move, a racist restaurant, racist apologies, Hollywood on HGH, and more other stuff that I can't remember right now. I blacked out, and awesomeness ensued. Enjoy.

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Ante Up -M.O.P.

Where the Party At - Jagged Edge ft Nelly

Fiesta - Jay-Z & R. Kelly

Go Dumb - The Federation

Gigolo - Nick Cannon ft R. Kelly

Have to Let it Go - Hennessey

Jet Stream - Charlie Muscle

Super Sexxy - Charlie Wilson ft Jamie Foxx & T-Pain

I Lust 4 U - London Jones

Bedda At Home - Jill Scott

Bed - J. Holiday

Guess Who Loves You More - Raheem DeVaughn

Brick Squad Anthem - Mayhem x Antiserum

Breathe, Stretch, Shake - Ma$e

Say Say Say - Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney

Shake Your Pants - Cameo

Bad (Remix) - Posession the Singer

Two Against One - Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi ft Jack White

You - Lee Treble ft Sacha Malone

Before I Let Go - Maze ft Frankie Beverly

Too Close - Next

I Can Love You - Mary J. Blige ft Lil' Kim

Make me Better - Fabolous ft Ne-Yo

Episode 29: Hip Hop Roundtable (Midwest)

In this episode, I am joined by @Evan_B, @Delphrano, @RichNice2k1, @LarryLankLank @Bokeen and @TrojanScooter, and we congregate with one purpose in mind: To establish who the greatest rapper in the Midwestern Region. We each state our top five rappers in the Midwest, and then we decide as a group who the top 5 rappers are from those lists.

What is your top five? Did we leave someone out? Let us know! Tell us on twitter with #SSMidwest or leave a voicemail!

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