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Open the Gates of Justice for People of Color

By Rashanii

A quote from the article:

"A prosecutor in Hempstead, Texas has announced that a grand jury has refused to issue indictments in the jailhouse death of Sandra Bland in July of this year."


I think that the word that offends me most in this is "refused".

Definition of refused:

1. Indicate or show that one is not willing to do something.

2. Indicate that one is not willing to accept or grant.

3. Fail to perform a required action.

When a grand jury refuses to see any wrongdoing, that means that it was there, and they were not willing to accept it. To me, this is unconscionable, because a grand jury’s job is to be the gatekeeper to justice. Without their say so, trials cannot proceed, and without those trials, many people who seek justice will never find it.

It has been documented before that grand juries rarely fail to indict. In an article for, Anthony L. Fisher stated that in 2010, grand juries were presented 162,000 federal cases, and only declined to return an indictment for 11 of them. (

That’s 0.0067901 percent of cases presented. That is less than one percent. Yet by and large, the indictments for cases involving people of color keep falling through the cracks.

Darren Wilson, the officer who murdered Michael Brown? No indictment.

Dante Servin, the officer who murdered Rekia Boyd? No indictment.

Michael Traudt, the officer who murdered Paul Castaway? No indictment

Daniel Pantaleo, the officer who murdered Eric Garner? No indictment.

Roger Worley and Braheme Days, the officers who murdered Jerame Reid? No indictment.

And now, the officers at Waller County Jail, who murdered Sandra Bland walk away with no repercussions. Hopefully, in January, the gatekeepers will be willing to give her grieving family access to the justice that they guard.

But I won't hold my breath. The odds, while they statistically should be in our favor, clearly show to never bet on black.

Or brown.

Or any other color than blue.