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Episode 195: The Art of Victim Blaming: Ranting and Raving Pt. 2

In this episode, I discuss Ben Carson and his bumbling, doubling down on victim blaming, Raven-Symone and her insipid, thoughtless statements about discriminating against people with unique names, Gerod Roth and his treatment of little Cayden, and then his victim blaming following it, the trend of the media and mass murderers to blame women for their actions, Kiesha Jenkins and the 18 transgender women killed this year and the rules for a woman to submit to a man. I also do another PSA on how to avoid being racist for Halooween, and I think I tell a joke. Enjoy. I got a lot off of my chest.

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Everybody Loves the Sunshine - Roy Ayers
Creep - Karen Souza
Weak at the Knees - Steve Arrington
Searching - Roy Ayers
Space Cowboy - Eve St. Jones
Got Me Loose - Ressa Renee
Dontcha - The Internet

Episode 193: Kiera & Ahmed: Alike, But Not Really

In the first half of this episode, I am joined by William J Jackson of Father Teresa's Wine Cellar, and we discuss Kiera Wilmot and Ahmed's clock, T.I. and Iggy breaking up and Jaquan's angry message to President Obama.

Then I discuss the disturbing reality of the strength that Donald Trump is giving to some Americans, How to act at a cookout, why Jay Rock's new CD is excellent, awesome local music that I have come across and Missed Connections from Burning Man. Enjoy.

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No Peace - South Central Cartel
Wonderland - TruSteez
Dollah Signs - TruSteez
Dumb Out - Joe Budden
Andrew Castro Live at The Blue Lamp - Andrew Castro
Distance - Xochitl
Vice City - Jay Rock ft Black Hippy
90059 - Jay Rock

Episode 191: Fight Music Pt. 2 (ft @Sherasaurus @Clovasaurus @LonzoHarrisJr)

So Tony (@LonzoHarrisJr) found Trapflix, and he introduced this wonder site to us. Sherley (@Sherasaurus) and Clove (@Clovasaurus) went searching for some obscure movie that you have no reason watching, but Clove wanted us all to suffer as he had, I guess. We discussed horrible rappers, and Sherley clearly hurt my feelings when she mutilated Will Smith's rapping career, but she was in a zone by that point. We started a charity for producers who have to put up with bad rappers, and Sherley and I discussed the disgusting way Nicki Minaj is being treated by the press and by the public.

This is part 2 of 2.

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Make Me Hot - Little Brother
What - Dubb Sak
Kreep - Chino XL
Over the Counter-Culture - Donnie
Ms. Dy-Na-Mi-Tee - Ms. Dynamite
Let Me Blow Ya Mind - Eve ft Gwen Stefani

Episode 187: Uninvited

In this episode, I discuss Rachel Dolezal and her lies, the horrific terrorist attack at Emanuel A.M.C Church in Charleston, South Carolina, the lawsuit filed by Tracy Carver over her role in the McKinney, TX pool party debacle, and young black ladies called racial slurs for trying to protect animals. Enjoy.

Thanks to Leslie Mac from the Interracial Jawn podcast and the Ferguson Response Network podcast for her voicemail. Black men, we must do better.

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Uninvited - Alanis Morissette
Proud to be Black - Young Black Teenagers
Blak iz Blak - Mau Maus
Wake Up - Rage Against the Machine
One Nation Under a Groove - Funkadelic

Episode 177: Alright! ft @IndyAnnPro @nsubwhoredinate @WilliamJJack

In this episode, I am joined by Phoenix, Nic and William, and we discuss racism throughout the years, the correct way to address an indigenous American, the worst butt dial ever, Iggy's freestyle fail, and more. Enjoy.

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Mr. President - Bushwick Bill
Letter 2 The President - 2Pac
I Just Want To Be - Cameo
In My House - The Mary Jane Girls
The Full Retard - El-P
Makes Me Wonder - Maroon 5
Misrepresented People - Stevie Wonder
What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong

Episode 139: Situationships ft @_MissBre @AmberPodcast

In this episode, I am joined by Amber and Miss Bre, and we discuss Drake, racism, and animals. Amber also brought a list of questions following the Side Piece Seminar (137), and Bre and I do our best to answer all of her questions. Enjoy the show.

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Memories Live - Talib Kweli

Nowhere To Go - The Freshmen

Take Care - Janet Jackson

Simple Things - Zero 7

PSA - Charlie Muscle

Situationships - Fabolous

Episode 132: King Richard

Yes, I'm aware of the static. It doesn't last forever. You want it to stop? Give me donations. I discuss Richard Sherman, racism, a man who should not teach children, Kelly Thomas, and more. Enjoy.

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I'm Not Soupped - Troop

Hate On Me - Jill Scott

We Major - Kanye West ft Nas

Absolute Power - Tech N9ne

Mr. Nigga - Mos Def

Raise Up - Petey Pablo

Hard In the Paint - Waka Flocka Flame

$999,999 + $1 = a Mealticket

In My Neighborhood - Spice 1

Episode 52: Turkey Bacon

In this episode, I talk about the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament, pay off on a bet that I lost, and talk a bit about Trayvon Martin. Then I discuss a senseless killing, the "Don't Re-Nig" campaign, the tragedy that occurred in Oikos University, and bullying, both in schools and in the workplace, and what we can each do to help combat it. I close out by discussing feedback from previous shows. There is also a great Devin's Corner that has to be heard to be believed!

A special thanks to Tyrone (@CarbonShadow4) for leaving a voicemail. Your thoughts improved the show by leaps and bounds.

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I Got You - Actual Proof

Infinite - Eminem

Nobody Like Me - Little Brother

If I Were You - Donnie

Taco Day - Jean Grae

Yellow - India Arie

Episode 51: Cold World

In this episodes Devin's Corner, Devin decides who is cooler, me or his mom. I also talk with him briefly about mean kids at his school. Then, in the main topic, I discuss racism and how it affects all of us. Please listen, and share this show with others.

The petition for Trayvon Martin is located here:

A special thanks to Oscar Pardue, @ShirleyHuangEsq (, @Adjective_J (, @ClassickMaterial ( @Ind1fference (, @GetOffMyPlanet (, @MrMoodysHood (, @Lasberry ( and @Sophisticates_4 ( for leaving voicemails. Your words were treasured parts of this episode.

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This Is My Country - Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions

Black Butterfly - Sounds of Blackness

Inner City Blues (Makes Me Wanna Holler) - Marvin Gaye

Sign O' The Times - Prince

Us - Ice Cube

Misrepresented People - Stevie Wonder