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Episode 211: Comforter

In this episode, I am joined by Tameka (@Sophisticates_4) and Tyrone, and we discuss snitches, new kids, Harambe the gorilla, a 10 ft python that eats dick and M&M's. We also talk about Sex Trafficking, Roots, a breakdown of Comforter and more. I then close out with a tribute to Prince. Enjoy.

Thank you to @LMFroehlich for your excellent insight into sex trafficking

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Guerillas In The Mist - Da Lench Mob
Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz
Kiss It Better (Kaytranada Remix) - Rihanna
Let Love Enter (Todd Terje Tangoterje Mix) - Michael Henderson
Comforter - Shai
Hey Lover - LL Cool J
Excuse Me Miss - Jay-Z
Sign O' The Times - Prince
Computer Blue - Prince
Housequake - Prince
Love Bizaare - Sheila E.
Diamonds and Pearls - Prince & Rosie Gaines
Nothing Compares 2 You - Prince ft Rosie Gaines
Prince Guitar Solo
Sometimes it Snows in April - Prince

Episode 30: Swerfs & Terfs ft @UppittyNegress

In this episode, I am joined by Phoenix from the Reading In The Shade blog and Father Teresa's Wine Cellar, and we discuss sex workers, swerfs, terfs and Facebook's moronic banning process.


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Episode 126: Support Ya Own! ft @Ashy3Classy @SexAndTheSister @Betahadji @KaiLovesU

In this episode, I am joined by members of the Black Astronaut podcast and The Ladies Launch, and we discuss a multitude of topics including flower dew, George Zimmerman, Stop and Frisk, a Man Impersonating a Cop, the Word of the Year, Mistaken Identities, Semen is an Antidepressant, Supporting Your Own, and much more. Enjoy.

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Episode 57: Satan Spits That Hot Fire!

In this episode, I am joined by Nicju and Sam (@ImOnAHorse) and we discuss a myriad of topics including church naps, Catholic rules, the freestyle battle to decide the world, scary clowns, Reality TV show ideas, and much more. There is also a Devin's corner featuring Kenny and Bella.

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Take Me Home - Terror Squad

Bed - J. Holiday

Automatic - The Pointer Sisters

It's Me, Snitches - Swizz Beat

Too Late - NicJu

Love Don't Live Here Anymore - Faith Evans Ft Mary J Blige

Good Morning - India Arie

Love and Marriage

I'm pretty sure I don't care about same sex marriages. So when I say that they are not for me, please do not get offended.

Because I mean exactly that. Same sex marriages are not for me. They are for the two people in the relationship who feel strongly enough about one another that they choose to make their union recognizable by both the state and God.

I guess. I really know pissall about marriage. I'm in one, but we went to a justice of the peace. It has been smooth sailing ever since. My wife asks me to do something, I do it. I notice something wrong, I fix it. She throws a towel at me, I duck. Usual married stuff. To me. To you, probably not so much.

But as much as I know that I don't know about marriage, I do know that there is absolutely no reason to withhold it from anyone. What is the use of that?

I mean, let's really examine what doesn't happen because of a marriage.

The rates of homes in your neighborhood won't drop. Crime will not rise, unless the couple fight, and if they do,then they likely did before they got married, so they were already a statistic. Unemployment will still remain high. Or improving, depending on what political party you speak to.

The educational value of your schools will not drop. You won't win the lottery. Tupac and Biggie's killers won't be captured, and Nickelodeon's Doug will not be on Netflix.

So how is this an issue now? California went through this in 2008, and has been funking over it ever since. We've been through Prop 8, Schwartzenegger vs Perry and all other sorts of foolishness in order to stop something that half of the folks nowadays don't want to do in the first place. (Marriage Rate in America Drastically Drops -  Huffington Post)

Support for same sex marriages has been rising steadily as younger generations get the opportunity to state their opinions. When polled on their voting decision regarding Prop 8, White voters between the ages of 18 and 29 voted against it 67 percent to 33 percent. Latino voters between 18 and 29 voted against it 59 percent to 41 percent. (Mixed Numbers for Same-Sex Marriages)

The thing that irritates me the most about this stance against same sex marriage is that they are steadfastly stating that African Americans are the leading race against them. They point at the fact that we as a people are incensed that they are comparing the struggle for homosexuals to the Civil Rights movement. Well, as an African American male that has no issue speaking for myself, let me say that personally, I do see the trace connections. They are working to get their civil rights. I mean, right now, they are working to have the right to get married. What is that if not a civil right?

But at the same time, I don't feel that African Americans should be placed as the people who are leading the charge against homosexuals. Allow me to reiterate that I could care less what you do behind your closed doors. If you love someone, and they love you, go for it. If you happen to be the same sex, so be it. Just because I don't subscribe to your style of love doesn't mean that you can't.  One groups opinion should not subvert another group from enjoying something.

Times are changing. Once upon a time, marriages of different races were still thought to be taboo. We worked hard to prove that there was nothing inherently wrong with those unions, and we should fight just as vigorously for the unions of same sex partners. To do one and not the other simply reeks of hypocrisy.

Look. You can't choose love. That is the cliched phrase that I've always heard. And if you love someone, there isn't a greater showing of it than to choose to live your life for them, and them for you. That is what I do with my wife, and it is what any person should have the right to do for their significant other.

Give same sex couples the same opportunity to fall or fly that heterosexual couples have. Give them the chance to marry.

Episode 29: Hip Hop Roundtable (Midwest)

In this episode, I am joined by @Evan_B, @Delphrano, @RichNice2k1, @LarryLankLank @Bokeen and @TrojanScooter, and we congregate with one purpose in mind: To establish who the greatest rapper in the Midwestern Region. We each state our top five rappers in the Midwest, and then we decide as a group who the top 5 rappers are from those lists.

What is your top five? Did we leave someone out? Let us know! Tell us on twitter with #SSMidwest or leave a voicemail!

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Sports Sex Sneakers Episode 9: Rockin With Sherry

This is an episode from @TrojanScooter's excellent podcast, Sports, Sex and Sneakers. Please check out his website to read his blog and go to to check out his show.
In this episode, I am joined by Sherry from Scarcasm Live. We discuss The Wire, college football, cartoons, and whether or not cops can be happy and do a great at the same time. We nerded out about music, her love of the 80s and 90s. Check out her show at and while you're there join and hang out with some awesome gamers and podcasters. Follow her on Twitter @SherrysJoy.
Can't Touch This-M.C. Hammer
Cocaine-Eric Clapton