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The Dr3am Team Episode 31: Gametime! ft @Scarfinger @BlakGodzilla

Welcome to The Dr3am Team, the greatest collection of podcasters you know. No J today, so we were joined by @SuperQ from the Geeks With Color podcast. Ton of topics per usual, so sit down, grab a drink, and enjoy! Leave a voicemail for the show at 757-752-8236. Leave an email at [email protected] Follow The Dr3am Team on twitter at
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Music:(Rashanii's Music Break)

Raw Deal - Gangsta Dre
For You - Charlie Muscle
(Scar's Music Break)
Could I Be Falling in Love - Syl Johnson
Heaven & Hell - Raekwon
(Tyrone's Music Break)
Down Payment on Heaven - Spice 1
1nce Again - A Tribe Called Quest
(Q's Music Break)
Past My Shades - B.O.B.
Time is of the Essence - Ab Soul

Episode 109: The History of Thunderbird ft @Sophisticates_4 @Zero0Four

In this episode, I am joined by Tameka and Tyrone (@Sophisticates_4, @GhostShadow004) of EnthusLife and we discuss kid logic, drinking soy sauce, drinking only soda, true urban legends, peer pressure, stank on your hang low, skinny people, old teachers, dares, Candy Crush Saga addictions, and other stuff. Enjoy.

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Episode 36: Souse Meat & Go-Go (Pt 1 of 2)

In this episode, I am joined by Tyrone (@CarbonShadow004), Tameka (@Sophisticates_4) the always lovely Nisha (@Nisha_HoneyB), Sherry (@SherrysJoy) and the incomparable @Scarfinger as we try to get together to spend some time discussing Christmas. That goes wrong almost immediately, as the Grand Vizier of derailing sends the show flying off into the stratosphere. Our discussion included, but wasn't limited to: Vibrators that are controlled by making a telephone call, souse meat, pushing a joke to the border (line) of acceptable tastes, where P. Diddy (@IAmDiddy) stashes his forgotten artists, Scar's plans for any child who doesn't go to college, the Hip Hop Roundtable, horrible rhymes in songs that were never called out, what Dubstep is, junior high school fights, voice mail music fails, and many more things. Enjoy, and get your laugh on!

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University of Life - Will (@IWheelOfFortune)

Sardines - The Junkyard Band

Pieces of Me - Rare Essence

Overnight Scenario - Rare Essence






Extra Life 6: Saint’s Row 2 and Shadow Blasters

This episode was supposed to be me recording my reactions to the game Shadow Blasters on the Sega Genesis. However, my copy wasn't working. So instead, I discuss Saint's Row 2 and how it is the true spiritual successor to Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City.

I am raising money for the Oakland Children’s Hospital.  Oakland Children’s Hospital will continue to provide top notch service to all children, no matter what their financial situation is, but every penny we can donate helps. Plus all money donated is tax deductible.

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