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The Freestyle Episode 4: F*ck Netflix

In this episode, I am joined by @ShirleyHuangEsq, @FrancisInMd, the always beautiful @Nisha_HoneyB, @Bokeen and @MizChartreuse from Consumption Junction and Sherley (Cho) @Chonilladotcom of We discuss a myriad of different topics, including the sad history of the Redskins, Why cartoonists from the 60s-70s were on drugs, The reason why Netflix sucks, Why children need a respawn timer like on Call of Duty and Halo, Old people names that need to be retired (Except Shirley) old people and Depression Era candy,  The tragic stabbing incident at Bowie State, How a stage collapse gets blamed on illegal music downloading, A burglar who gets caught up in the worst way, A burglar who gets hungry, How six kids ruined the game for EVERYBODY, A cable installation gone wrong, A man who calls 911 for service... at Taco Bell, and many other stories.

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