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The Dr3am Team Episode 84: 50 So Petty

In this episode, Jay goes in pursuit of perfect chicken, Rashanii talks about destroying youth basketball teams, and Scar talks Star Wars. Also, we discuss movies that didn't age well, a remake of Parent Trap and why Home Alone sucked, bad gangster names and great Diss songs, and why 50 Cent is the pettiest person of all time. We back.

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Music Breaks:

Jay's Break:

Hay - Crucial Conflict
Sing (PSYmix) - PSY ft Ed Sheeran

Scar's Break:

Ain't Gonna Happen - Ten Wheel Drive
1-900-Hustler - Jay-Z

Rashanii's Break:

Heaven Sent - Esthero
Rope-A-Dope Style - LeVert

Ninja Rap - Vanilla Ice

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