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In this episode, Scar talks politics, Rashanii talks Parks and Rec, and Jay talks about speedbagging nuts. Also, we talk about high energy rap songs, basketball, hoeing, McDonalds, engine checks, weird phone suggestions, and kid logic. Enjoy. #TheDr3amTeam

Voicemail: 757-752-8236

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @TheDr3amTeam, @Rashanii, @Adjective_J @Scarfinger

Jay’s Podcast:

Scar’s Website:

Music Breaks:

Rashanii's Break:

6 Minutes of Death - Joe Budden

Go Hard or Go Home - E-40

Scar's Break:

Man Oh Man (I Want to Go Back) - The Impressions

All My Life - Freeway ft Nate Dogg

Jay's Break:

El Chapo - The Game

I Against I - Massive Attack ft Mos Def

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